What do we offer and why?

Children often find it hard to express their inner feelings directly and verbally describing intense emotions can be very challenging for them.

These emotions need to be resolved for a child to be happy.


 At Byron Shire Children’s Counselling we incorporate creative, non-verbal exploration of complex issues, combined with holistic counselling.

   We encourage children to use art therapy,  sandplay therapy, symbol work, visualization, gestalt role play and body focused techniques, in exploration and expression of these emotions.



The background of play which underpins art therapy, symbol work, and sandplay therapy, is instantly familiar to children and consequently, helps them feel relaxed.

  Fears they may have had, about exploring and sharing their feelings in the therapeutic setting, are greatly reduced.

 A  multi-modal approach to healing allows for flexible therapeutic treatment, individually adapted for each child’s personality.

 Varied difficulties or traumas may have impacted a child.  Birth trauma, early childhood trauma or recent traumas. Within this context, our approach remains consistent;  in seeing each child as a unique individual,  needing lasting, positive change.

The techniques offered at Byron Shire Children’s Counselling facilitate the therapeutic experience, and are ideal for children of all ages.  

For a fuller explanation on how these work see menu.

“These combined therapies which we wholeheartedly endorse, provide children mediums which are familiar, immediate and friendly.”